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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Raynaud’s Awareness Ribbon

There is no official symbol or awareness ribbon for Raynaud’s Phenomenon.
On facebook, me and my friends discussed about this issue.
Though not with the symbol, we came up with an idea of ribbon.
The colour combination is the outcome of this discussion.

Though I worked on this image all by myself, the credit for the idea goes to all the users who participated in the discussion mentioned above.

In the following image, we have used "the three colours", as quoted by a friend of mine in the discussion mentioned above, "red-white-blue, since those are the stated colours our fingers and toes turn..."

We (the creators of the ribbon, including the ones who came up with the idea), hereby give permission to use this Ribbon, as long as it is being used in relation with Raynaud’s Phenomenon, AND as long as credit is being given to Kiran Nayak, for coming up with ribbon's idea.

Mazel tov!

The Credits:

Kiran Nayak, the one who started the discussion regarding ribbon.
Rosemary Erickson, the one who came up with idea of the three colours.
Liz, who cleared the confusion/doubts about turners syndrome.
There are two more beautiful ladies, but as per their request, I am not going to mention their names.

Kiran :)


The image uploaded above is not a completey square.
So, I creaeted one more image, of 1400x1400 pixels.

Here is the link to the group where the ribbon was conceived:

Warm Regards,
Kiran :)