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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Symptoms

As I have mentioned for several times before, no two cases of Raynaud's are completely same.
Every case tends to be different than other. It makes every case unique.
But luckily the symptoms are usually common. One can categorise the symptoms according to the severity of the Raynaud's.

  • The first symptom is hands (or affected part) becoming colder than usual.
  • The second symptom is skin discolouration* upon cold exposure. (This discolouration varies according to the severity. Please see the footnotes for more details.)
  • The patient also experience mild tingling* and numbness* of the affected part(s) that will disappear once the colour returns to normal.
  • If the discolouration takes place for a little longer, lack of oxidation takes place in the discoloured area. That might cause pain.
*I have explained the complete scenario (including the different colours included in discolouration) of a an episode of Raynaud's phenomenon in following post, it will help you to understand about Raynaud's and its symptoms more clearly.:

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