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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Surgical Intervention

        When Raynaud’s is very severe, resulting in intolerable pain and ulcers,and lots of other stuff that don’t respond to medications,  a surgical procedure called as digital  sympathectomy*1 (nothing to do with computers :D) with adventitial stripping (which involves removing the tissue and nerves around the blood vessels supplying the affected digits). is an option.
In this surgery, the nerves that signal the blood vessels of the fingertips to constrict are surgically removed. The procedure isn’t always effective, and the benefits may not last. However, this "last ditch" approach may save the finger or toe from amputation. Some patients report that the procedure reduced their pain, healed their ulcers and/or prevented new ulcers from forming.

*1 = Sympathetic ganglia are the ganglia of the sympathetic nervous system. They deliver information to the body about stress and impending danger, and are responsible for the familiar fight-or-flight response.
A Sympathectomy is a procedure during which at least one sympathetic ganglion is removed.

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