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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Raynaud's Awareness Week / Month 2012

An annual health campaign is held every February, aiming to create a greater understanding of Raynaud's among the general public.

There are several institutions/organisations, who organise little campaign, usually on any Sunday from February. But it is not possible for everybody to attend these campaigns may be too far away from there town. And few people are uncomfortable about telling others that they have Raynaud's.

So we created an event on facebook. Unlike the other campaigns, this is not aimed only at general public. But we also aim this event towards the patients of Raynaud's.
Lot of patients lack about the knowledge about Raynaud's. In last few days, I advised a lot people about Raynaud's, through facebook and some contacted me on my e-mail through this blog.
When I told them something to stop or start they said, "I didn't know it was good/bad for us."
So me, and my fellow friends from facebook created this event.

Raynaud's Awareness Week 2012 (February 1 to February 10)
In this event:
  • We expect everybody to share their knowledge, personal experiences, their troubles or funny incidents with Raynaud's.
  • Discussion about "My symptoms and problems and and what makes it better." (Its ok, if a user doesn't want share. We respect everybody's privacy.)
  • Gain more information medicines/home-medicines/solutions on Raynaud's.
  • In an all, have fun, get more information about Raynaud's, talk a lot, and meet new people from all around the world.
I hope whoever has Raynaud's and hears about this event, will join this event.
Me and my fellow friends from facebook are looking forward for this event.
We are hoping that people from all around the world will join this event.
If you, or someone from your family or friends have Raynaud's, then you are more than welcome to join this event.
You are welcome to join this event even if you are a doctor.

As this is an online event, we don't have to go anywhere, just sitting infront of the computer or mobile is all what is required.
Even today, there are lots of misconceptions and lack of information about Raynaud's, and that's what we are trying to do,
spreading knowledge about Raynaud's.

Though originally created as "Raynaud's Awareness Month", this event has been scheduled only for 7 days, to avoid it being stretchy and stale, and to make it more active and fun.

And, don't expect somebody else to do the task.
Do what can you do!
And invite your friends!

We want to unite everybody under the same roof.
So we have to invite all the known people related with Raynaud's before some other roof is created.
So please spread as much word as you can.

Warm Wishes,
Kiran :)

Post Script:
        This event turned out be very successful, but we will not stop here, yes we expect more. So, because of the "public demand" we created one more event for 2013. For more details on that event, please visit:

                (Post script added on February 13th)

Warm Regards,
Kiran Nayak :-)

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