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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Handling an Attack of Raynaud's Phenomenon

If an episode of Raynaud's phenomenon occurs, (sometimes also referred as spasm attack), well the most important thing is, don't panic, stay calm. Here are some tips that we can use :
  • Make your whole body warm by going indoors or by putting on warm clothing.
  • Gently warm the fingers and toes as soon as possible. Place your hands under the armpits, armpits are always warm, it helps.
  • With your hands under armpit, start walking around. That helps the body with blood flow.
  • Run warm-not hot-water over the organ under attack (or dip the organ in water) until normal skin color returns. Do not use a hot water bottle or heating pad, it is dangerous as the tissues are already cold, with lack of blood and oxygen.
  • Start the simple wind-milling exercise, it increases the blood flow. 
That is almost all about it,
And who says living with Raynaud's Thingy is difficult?
if there are any more tips/suggestions, I will be more than glad to hear them and upload them on my blog.

Kiran :)

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