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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Our" Observations / Conclusions Regarding Raynaud's.

In our facebook group, users always  ask their questions or doubts. Like few days ago, a member asked "I always have low blood-pressure (not extremely low, but low than standard),  is it because of the Raynaud's or is it just me?"
Most of the answers agreed with the question, stating that they also have the low blood pressure usually.
As no case of Raynaud's is identical, there were some other answers like this member's, "My BP stays low all the time, but when I wake up from sleep, it drops really low."
                                Without wasting the time I will directly jump to the other conclusions now.

  • The blood pressure of the patients of Raynaud's stays low most of the time. (Not too much low, but lower than the standards.)
  • Touch screen sensors have difficulty to sense our fingers, when touch them. :D
  • "Pins and needles" (Paresthesia) is a common and regular thing for us.
  • Emotional sensitivity has got something to do with Raynaud's. Not just because emotional stress is a trigger, but because most of us are very sensitive, emotionally.
  • Drinking lot of water throughout the day (not lots of water at the same time), "keeping well hydrated" in nerd speak, really helps with Raynaud's.

More observations will be added with the time.

Warm Regards,
Kiran Nayak :-)

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