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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Raynaud's Treatment

There are several treatment options for Raynaud's.
Treatment options depends on the type of Raynaud's present condition.
For Primary Raynaud's, if it is sever, then medications can be prescribed by the doctor.
(We will discuss madicines in depth, after this intro.)
But most of the times when it is not sever, treatment of primary Raynaud's focuses on avoiding triggers.
This applies to both primary, and secondary.

Secondary Raynaud's is usually treated by taking care of the underlying problem.

There are three major categories of treatment for both the Raynaud's.

The first is obviously General Care / Precautions.

It has been observed that the effects of Raynaud's can be decreased
just by taking precautions and care, without the aid of medication for Raynaud's.
This is also known as home treatment. ( I wonder why.)
I have discussed about General Care, and Precautions with depth in my three previous posts,
Don'ts For the Patients of Raynaud's Phenomenon,
Do's For The Patients of Raynaud's Phenomenon,
and Skin Protection For Raynaud's Phenomenon.

The second option is drug therapy, which also can be called as medication.

But medication is recommended only in severe cases that too only prescribed by a doctor.
(Do not attempt to take medicines on your own.)

I have explained about most of the medicines which are good and bad for us, in my other post: Drug Theropy.

In very severe cases surgery is the third option.
There are two different surgeries that can be performed regarding Raynaud's.
One should leave this up to doctor, the task of choosing which kind of surgery to perform.

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Kiran Nayak :-)

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