This site/blog explains everything about Raynaud's Phenomenon in normal human language,
no sophisticated and scientific words, but everything discussed here have a scientific base.

This blog is created, in the hope that it will help the people affected by this disease.
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Monday, September 12, 2011

About This Blog & My Relation With Raynaud's

This is not any formal blog about diseases.
This is a completely informal blog to spread the awareness about little known "Raynaud's Phenomenon" and help the patients.
This blog is entirely dedicated to Raynaud's Phenomenon, nothing else.

I was diagnosed in the winter of 2010, I wanted to know more about the syndrome, my doc said there is not much information available about Raynaud's. Then I contacted my sister who happens to be a neuro-physician, she told me the same.
So I searched on the internet, to my dismay, all the information was scattered over different websites.
No website provided all the information at one place, some of them gave information only about symptoms, some of them gave only the "do's", and so on.
It wasn't in normal human language either, it was all in technical language.
May be all the persons who created these websites were assuming that the only doctors or medical students were going to visit these sites.

I realised the lack of a complete guide or a website where everything can be found in normal English language, so I decided to create this blog.

The information posted on this blog is mostly taken from the various (but only trustworthy) web resources,
some of the remaining information is retrieved from various books of medical sciences and discussions with my doctor friends.
(But I'm very careful about "not violating the copyright laws.")
And before upoading anything to the blog I first discuss it with my doctor friends, which includes an Ayurvedic doctor, a neuro-physician, a cardiac surgeon, and a cardiologist.
I'm creating this blog, in the hope that this blog will help the people affected by this disease.
So comments, feedbacks, suggestions, personal experiences, questions and information is always welcome here.
If you are uncomfortable about your name being displayed, you can mail me at

PS: For reader's (and my) convenience, on the right side of this blog I've created an "Index".
One can see all the points covered in this blog through the Index.

Kiran :)

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  1. Thank you !!! I was diagnosed in May with this after several scary episodes. The sad part is I thought once I had a name for the condition I could find everything I needed out on it and meet it head on but actually found they just do not seem to know much but avoid triggers. Which by the way sounds easier to do that it really is sometimes. My doctor said also sometimes stress causes it but my triggers have been cold. Have you found that stress is a factor?

    1. I have multiple medical conditions besides Raynaud's & I've found that stress, & anything else difficult in my life makes me have more physical problems & almost always makes me feel much worse ...

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  2. Yes, mental stress can be a trigger in some cases,
    In some rare cases, even anger or nervousness can be a trigger.

    No, in my case, only cold atmosphere and excess of coffee have proved to be triggers so far...

  3. I find it interesting that coffee can be a trigger b/c it's warm. I have multiple medical conditions but coffee causes the Tacychardia to "kick in."I also have a?. Does anyone get edema in their ankles and then have it hurt so badly you avoid it @ all costs?

    1. kindly contact me on the mail id provided on this blog :-)