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Monday, September 12, 2011

What Happens in Raynaud's Phenomenon?

When our body is exposed to cold temperatures, our body starts to loose heat through fingers, and toes (and in some cases through earlobes and nose as well) (these organs are called as "extremities" in nerd-speak).
Once they start to loose heat, they become cold, because of this coldness, the vessels from these particular area starts to constrict ("vasoconstriction" in nerd-speak).

Once the vessels are reduced in size, obviously the blood flow decreases.
And that's why, the skin turns pale or white, cuz of lack of blood.
And that's why, this Raynaud's thingy is sometimes referred as white finger or wax finger.

After a few moments
(Or if the vasoconstriction takes place more severely in a little time), as the blood-flow has been decreased, our tissues, from respective organs, don't get enough oxygen.
So, the nails and/or skin nearing the nails turns blue in colour
(hypoxia, and cyanosis - you know in whose language).
In sever cases, (or in extreme cold atmosphere), the blood/oxygen supply decreases markedly,
this lack of oxygen causes tingling feeling to move on to to become painful feeling.

When the blood-vessels (arterioles) relax (dilate), and blood returns to the affected area, redness (rubor) may occur.
Sometimes when the blood flow returns, it might pain a little.
Because, when our fingers are discoloured, they are cold and when they get a sudden increased supply of blood, the fingers get suddenly warm.

All this scenario usually takes place within seven to ten minutes.
But required time can vary depending on the severity of vasoconstriction.

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Kiran Nayak :-)

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